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Our planning services and rentals for any event from private parties, fundraisers, corporate events, birthday to anniversary parties and Weddings assure you of perfection.

Our party
rentals include our Floral-n-Flair Chocolate Fountains which provide an Unforgettable Conversation Piece that will long be remembered.

Floral is only half our name. When it comes to Flair we greatly depart from your average Flower Shop.

A quick tour of our website will tell you about us, and with more than 25 years of floral design experience, you can be certain of our care and quality. Be sure and Visit our flowers page.

We're not just another online flower shipper. But, a real flower shop in a real building. When in East Central Illinois visit our great shop with lots of unusual items.  Were at Pauline's Attic in Catlin.

From cards to candles, and Unique Gifts, you will find it here at Floral-n-Flair.

Stop in when your in our Danville Illinois area., See the About us page for directions to our shop.

Weddings ~
Event Planning

Your wedding – the most important day of your life. You have been dreaming about this day since you first saw Cinderella. That’s why nothing less of perfection is acceptable.

Let me ask you this: would you hire your dentist to renovate your home? Although I’m sure that your dentist would give it their best shot, they are a specialist of a different kind. That’s why a Professional Wedding Coordinator from Floral-n-Flair is your best bet when planning the day of your dreams.

I’m sure you are wondering why you would hire a coordinator to plan your wedding if millions of other women have done it without one quite successfully. Simply answered, times have changed. The average first-time bride is in her late 20’s and is a professional who is extremely starved for time.

Did you know that the average wedding requires more than 100 hours of planning?

Having a professional Wedding Coordinator from Floral-n-Flair on your side will help to ease your stress, save you from making costly mistakes, and most importantly, free up what little spare time you have so that you can actually enjoy your wedding! Cheri a true professional and her team will work with you, taking extreme care to let the real star shine, you!

You desire the moon and the stars, but you won’t have to move them in order to hire a Coordinator. Your Wedding Coordinator should be an integral part of your budget from day one. You will experience first hand how Floral-n-Flair services will pay for themselves in time and money saved – not to mention preserving your sanity!

Another important factor to consider is that a Floral-n-Flair Wedding Coordinator has many contacts within our area’s wedding industry. From flowers to photography, Linens to Chocolate Fountains – they know who will best serve your needs and your budget. (This is where we save you from those costly mistakes I mentioned earlier…)

We can be sure that you get what you pay for and that everything shows up as promised. If it doesn’t, it is our job to make sure that the problem is corrected with time to spare!  You deserve to have your “happily ever after” start off without a hitch.

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